Cafe Style Bars (Egg-Free)

Cafe Style Bars (Egg-Free)

Cafe Style Bars (Egg-Free)

BarsDesserts / Entremet

Perfect desserts to accompany Tea / Coffee. Ideal for gift boxes and mass production.


4,950 (inclusive of GST)

About the Class

Bars have a Crunchy Base, different textures of fillings and a topping. Perfect for gift boxes, cafe displays. It travels well and the recipes are easy to create which makes it ideal for mass production.
With the components you learn in this class, you can create 100s of different flavours of Bars. Perfect for every occasion and preferences.

Syllabus –

1) Brik Pastry
2) Oat Crumble

1) Baked Vanilla Custard
2) Baked Lemon Curd
3) Fudgy Chocolate Brownie
4) Ginger Spice Cake
5) Mixed Berry
6) Banana Fudge

1) Crumble
2) Corn Flake Caramel
3) Citrus Jelly


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