Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita Masterclass (Veg)


Only class you’ll ever need to make any Sorbet flavour in the World!


Egg Free | Gelatin Free | No Chemical Preservatives | Shelf Stable Products

When it’s hot outside, and you need something fresh, cold and light, a scoop of Sorbet or Popsicle or a bowl of Granita is your answer!

Be it Sorbet or Popsicles or Granita, this is the only class you will need to create unlimited flavours from any fruit/veggie/flower/spice etc. that you like.

This class will teach you how to make Sorbet Both with and without churning machine.

Course content –
1. What is Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita?
2. Different categories of textures –
– Pulpy
– Juicy
– Citrus
– Melon
– Berries
– Infusions
– Savory
– Fatty
3. How to understand each category and build recipes on them.
4. Flavours on the video –
– Mango
– Sour Plum
– Carrot Ginger
– Beetroot Rosemary
– Watermelon Lime
– Orange
– Lemon
– Kala Jamun
– Rose Wine
– Cucumber Mint
– Tomato Basil
– Yogurt Vanilla
– Dark Chocolate
– Cheese Pepper
– Coconut Lemongrass

5. TONS of extra flavours on the recipe book.

6. How to store them.

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