Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita Masterclass (Veg)

Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita Masterclass (Veg)

Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita Masterclass (Veg)

Egg FreeGelatin FreeGluten FreeLow FatVegan
Ice Creams

Only class you’ll ever need to make any Sorbet flavour in the World!


7,820 (inclusive of GST)

About the Class

Egg Free | Gelatin Free | No Chemical Preservatives | Shelf Stable Products

When it’s hot outside, and you need something fresh, cold and light, a scoop of Sorbet or Popsicle or a bowl of Granita is your answer!

Be it Sorbet or Popsicles or Granita, this is the only class you will need to create unlimited flavours from any fruit/veggie/flower/spice etc. that you like.

This class will teach you how to make Sorbet Both with and without churning machine.

Course content –
1. What is Sorbet / Popsicles / Granita?
2. Different categories of textures –
– Pulpy
– Juicy
– Citrus
– Melon
– Berries
– Infusions
– Savory
– Fatty
3. How to understand each category and build recipes on them.
4. Flavours on the video –
– Mango
– Sour Plum
– Carrot Ginger
– Beetroot Rosemary
– Watermelon Lime
– Orange
– Lemon
– Kala Jamun
– Rose Wine
– Cucumber Mint
– Tomato Basil
– Yogurt Vanilla
– Dark Chocolate
– Cheese Pepper
– Coconut Lemongrass

5. TONS of extra flavours on the recipe book.

6. How to store them.


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