Jams & Spreads

Jams & Spreads

Jams & Spreads

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After this class you can make any and every Jam in the World!


6,890 (inclusive of GST)

About the Class

With the fruits and veggies being so fresh, it’s a good time to preserve these for the entire year! 
And the good part is that these are not just for sweets, but also for savoury!

Syllabus –
1) Fruit Preservation & Equipment
2) Difference between different spreads – Jams, Marmalade, Jelly, Butters
3) Making of Jams without pectin
4) Making of Jams with pectin
5) Making of Marmalade
6) Making of Jellies with Pectin
7) Making of Jellies without pectin
8.) Making of Fruit Butter
9) Making of Jams with NO ADDED SUGAR
10) Making of Savory Preserves and jams with Vegetables
11) How to create new flavours according to requirement.

Flavours –
1. Cape Gooseberry Jam
2. Pineapple Coconut Jam
3. Carrotberry Jam
4. Rose Jelly
5. Guava Jelly
6. Lemon n’ Ginger Marmalade
7. Orange Rum Marmalade
8. Chili Tomato Jam (Savory)
9. Onion Jam (Savory)
10. Pumpkin Butter
11. Apple Butter
12. Mixed Fruit Jam (No added sugar)