All About Cheesecakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)

All About Cheesecakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)

All About Cheesecakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)

Egg FreeGelatin Free
Desserts / Entremet

Delicious Egg-Free and Gelatin-Free cheesecakes – a guilt-free indulgence!


4,850 (inclusive of GST)

About the Class


Discover the art of creating perfect cheesecakes with our comprehensive ABC (All About Cheesecakes) Masterclass – your ultimate one-stop online destination for everything related to cheesecakes. This class is one of the oldest and most popular offerings from Smriti’s Special, featuring a wealth of information, including theory, techniques, bases, homemade cheese, graham crackers, seven solid cheesecake recipes of various types, savory and sweet, egg-free, vegan, baked, and non-baked, along with delicious toppings. With our masterclass, you can make any flavor of cheesecake that you desire!

The syllabus of the video masterclass includes theory, pans and equipment dos and don’ts, cheese discussions, homemade cream cheese recipe, homemade graham crackers, vegetarian baked cheesecake – traditional egg-free baked cheesecake and vegan baked cheesecake, cold cheesecakes – vegetarian no-bake cheesecake and cheesecake in a jar/frozen, and toppings, such as almond butter sauce, jelly for cheesecake, smooth truffle, fruit mush, caramelized white chocolate, and tomato salsa.

Along with the video masterclass, you will receive detailed written notes that include additional recipes, such as homemade mascarpone cheese, fruit compote, and a wide range of variations to make cheesecake to suit your own flavor preferences.

Experience the perks of learning from the comfort of your home, with detailed video and written material, easy-to-follow recipes, and lifetime access. While the flavors included in the masterclass serve as mere examples, some of the flavors covered include vegan lemon baked cheesecake with strawberries and cream, apple baked cheesecake with almond butter sauce, strawberry no-bake cheesecake, and caramelized white chocolate and grape cheesecake in a jar.