Egg-Free Basics for Beginners (4 Classes)




If you’re a beginner, these set of classes will help you build a solid base in the World of EggFree Baking and Pastry. Every little theory, the science behind processes, ingredients, and all the little tips and tricks for a beginner.

With four basic classes –
1. Egg-Free Baking 101
2. Theory of Cookies Masterclass
3. All About Ice Creams Lvl 1
4. Science of Bread Baking Lvl 1

If you are interested in the individual classes rather than this pack here are the links for the same –

Egg-Free Baking 101 –

Theory of Cookies Masterclass –

All About Ice Creams Lvl 1 –

Science of Break Baking Lvl 1 –

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