Theory of Cookies Masterclass (Egg-Free)


Ten irresistibly EGG-FREE scrumptious cookies!



Ten irresistibly scrumptious cookies!

Now learn the art and science behind cookie making from anywhere in the world sitting at home! There are TEN delicious and versatile cookie recipes and various techniques including Rolling, Piping, Folding, Bars, Filling etc. in this 2 part Masterclass. Each and every cookie included here is completely different from each other in terms of taste and texture. Once you master all the techniques included in this Masterclass, you will never fear to attempt any other cookie recipe ever!

PART 1 – Double Chocolate Chip Cookie – Cheesy Spirals – Orange Honey Syrup Crunch – Cutout Sugar Cookie – Sesame Lime Cookies

Part 2 – Chocolate & Butterscotch Bars – Chilly Cheese Crackers – Apple Oatmeal Cookies – Piped Star Cookies – Dry Fruit Biscuit (here – Cranberry)

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