Vanilla Extract

Posted On : July 19, 2018 By Smriti

With the prices of vanilla extract sky rocketing, and I absolutely refuse to use those artificial essence stuff… decided in December to once again make my own vanilla for 2017.
And this time I’m sharing it with you all! Both with and without Alcohol. Read the post till the end.
Some of you who have attended my classes previously (in Delhi) have seen my old batch of extract. In the past I have only made this with Indian Vanilla from Kerala, but this time decided to use 3 varieties.
The only thing is that it need loads and loads of patience!


Age- 1 year
Types of vanilla used-
1. Madagascar
2. Tahitian
3. Kerala

Used 3 kinds to see which one gives the strongest extract. Till now, India is winning! 😝
I will update you all about the progress in another 3 months.

Clear unflavored Vodka (40% alcohol)- 250 ml
Vanilla Beans- 3

Slit the vanilla beans in half, scrap the seeds and put it in a bottle. Put the slit beans in as well. Fill it up with vodka. Give it a good shake every 3-4 days.

You can start using it in 1.5 months, but it will be a bit mild at that point. If you wait for 4-5 months, the flavour and aroma gets enhanced.
I personally wait for a maximum of 8-12 months. But you can wait for longer if you have the patience.

You don’t have to be afraid of the alcohol. It burns off in the oven and for cold desserts, that much amount isn’t going to alter the taste or your judgement! But if you do not want to use alcohol, here’s an alcohol free version for you!


1. Drinking Water- 75 ml
2. Vanilla Beans- 3 medium or 2 large
3. Edible Vegetable Glycerin- 150 ml

1. In an absolutely clean (very important) heavy bottom saucepan, add water and start to simmer.
2. Meanwhile split the vanilla beans in half and scrap out the seeds.
3. Add it to the water and give it a quick boil.
4. Let it cool down completely. Then mix it with glycerin.
5. With a funnel, pour it into your 200ml air tight bottles.
6. Let it rest for 4-5 months. Give it a shake every 2-3 days.

1) Store it in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.
2) Make sure your equipments are all clean and sterile. I rinsed my bottle with vodka and let it dry completely before putting the extract mixture. You can boil the bottle in hot water and let it dry.
3) Make sure your hands are clean as well.
4) This will give you a very nice taste and aroma. But as compared to the one with vodka I feel this is maybe a LITTLE BIT milder.
But you don’t have to worry this is just as good.

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