Home Made Rose syrup from organic pink roses. It surely is a labour of love. But is totally worth it!
100% organic and preservatives free.

Planning for some awesome desserts with this gorgeous red liquid.

1) Organic Fresh Rose Petals- 6 cups
2) Water- 4 cups
3) Sulphur Free Sugar- 3 cups
(Not trying to be unnecessarily fancy! If your sugar has sulphur, the final liquid will not be beautifully clear. It will have a whitish hue which doesn’t look pleasing. Look for brands like Mawana, they write in their packaging if it is Sulphur Free)
4) Star Anise- 2
5) Clove- 4

1. In a large pot, clean your rose petals thoroughly. At least 3 times to get rid of the dirt.
2. Cover the pot of clean rose petals with the 4 cups of water.
3. After it reaches a roaring boil, let it bubble for 15-20 minutes.
4. Turn the heat off and let it cool completely. Put it in the fridge to infuse for 18-24 hours.
5. After that, strain it and put it rose water in a pot with sugar, star anise and clove. Boil it till it reduces to 1/4 the amount.
6. Take it off the heat and put the stained rose petals back in and let it cool completely.
7. Strain and store in sterilised jars.

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