Red Velvet

Posted On : October 6, 2018 By Smriti

Hey everyone!
Let’s talk about RED VELVET CAKE
#NoArtificialColour #AllNatural #EggFree

Yes, it is possible to make red velvet without artificial colour and eggs!

It is not just a sponge cake with red colour in it. The name RED VELVET is attributed to two things –

1. The colour ‘RED’
This is a result of the reaction between acidic vinegar and lactic buttermilk in combination to non Dutch processed Cocoa powder releasing the red anthocyanin in the cocoa powder. Dutch processed Cocoa Powder is much darker and the processing prevents the colour of anthocyanin from changing.
In simple words, if you ever wondered why your red velvet cake isn’t red but brown, you must be using the wrong cocoa powder. You should always use a light Cocoa powder (like Cadbury) for this cake.

2. The ‘VELVET’ texture
The red velvet cakes should have a velvety texture which is to say that the sponge has a fairy open crumb (loosely packed) and has a very soft texture like velvet.

This sponge here is made with light Cocoa and BEETROOT POWDER (I make my own) to enhance the colour of the cake. I personally do not like adding artificial colour to my cakes so this has been the best alternative!
Topped with my favourite smooth n’ silky cream cheese frosting.

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