Theory of Cookies Masterclass (Egg-Free)


Theory of Cookies Masterclass (Egg-Free)

Theory of Cookies Masterclass (Egg-Free)

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Indulge in Ten Irresistibly Egg-Free Scrumptious Cookies!


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About the Class


Experience the ultimate indulgence with Ten Irresistibly Scrumptious Cookies! Now, learn the art and science behind cookie making from the comfort of your home. Our 2-part Masterclass offers TEN versatile cookie recipes, including Rolling, Piping, Folding, Bars, Filling, and more. Each cookie is uniquely delicious and boasts a distinct taste and texture, ensuring that you never get bored of baking.

Part 1 of the Masterclass features a mouthwatering array of cookies, including Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cheesy Spirals, Orange Honey Syrup Crunch, Cutout Sugar Cookie, and Sesame Lime Cookies. These cookies are a perfect blend of flavors, ensuring that you’ll never tire of baking them.

In Part 2, we showcase our expertise with five more delectable cookie recipes, including Chocolate & Butterscotch Bars, Chilly Cheese Crackers, Apple Oatmeal Cookies, Piped Star Cookies, and Dry Fruit Biscuit (featuring cranberry). By mastering the techniques included in this Masterclass, you’ll gain the confidence to try any cookie recipe out there!Indulge in Ten Irresistibly Egg-Free Scrumptious Cookies!