Indian Cakes : Prasadam (Egg-Free)

Indian Cakes : Prasadam (Egg-Free)

Indian Cakes : Prasadam (Egg-Free)

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With this we go to Tamil Nadu!


4,956 (inclusive of GST)

About the Class

With one bite of this dessert, we want you to get transported inside a South Indian (Tamil) temple. The aroma of Camphor with the flavours of Banana, Coconut and Payasams as offerings to God and the beautiful Kolam adorning the floor as a mark of respect to God, all being inspirations for creating this dessert.

Layers –
1) Crunchy Sablee
2) Coconut Sponge
3) Banana Poornam
4) Signature Payasam Mousseline
5) Cashew Raisin Crumble
6) Edible ‘Kolam’


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