Indian Cakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)


Indian Cakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)

Indian Cakes Masterclass (Egg-Free)

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Travel along with us to different parts of India to experience traditional flavours in a whole new avatar.


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About the Class

In this series, we learning about techniques, ingredients and flavour pairings from different cultures of India and use that as inspirations for creating a league of – Indian Pastry.
There are no actual Barfi(s), Payasam and sweets used in the class. We use the concept and created our own techniques and recipes. This is the heart and soul of everything Chef Smriti stands for and hopes to see developing into a whole new league of Pastry.

1) Sablee
2) Roasted Semolina Sponge
3) Tuvar Dal Crumble
4) Mohanthal Mousseline
5) Cookie Decorations

ODE TO KOKUM (Maharashtra)
1) Sablee
2) Cumin Sponge
3) Kokum Curd
4) Kokum Coconut Cremeux
5) White Chocolate Mousse

MISHTI (Bengal) –
1) Sablee
2) Poppy Seed Sponge
3) Mishti Doi Frosting
4) Chocolate ‘Kulhad’

PRASADAM (Tamil Nadu) –
1) Sablee
2) Coconut Sponge
3) Banana Poornam
4) Payasam Mousseline
5) Cashew Raisin Crumble
6) Edible ‘Kolam’

1) Sablee
2) Almond Safffron Sponge
3) Rose Spread
4) Kahwa Mousseline
5) Cookie Flowers

HAZELNUT DREAMS (Indian Origin Cacao)
1) Chocolate Sablee
2) Fudgy Chocolate Brownie
3) Hazelnut Praline
4) Hazelnut Cheesecake
5) Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
6) Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse


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