Egg-Free Vanilla Cake

Posted On : February 9, 2021 By antweb


  1. All Purpose Flour – 220g
  2. Caster/ Powdered Sugar – 180g
  3. Baking Soda – 1/2 tsp
  4. Baking Powder – 1 tsp
  5. Salted Butter – 100g
    (if using unsalted, add 1/8 tsp salt)
  6. Cream Cheese – 80g
  7. Warm Milk – 120g
  8. Pure Vanilla Extract – 1.5tsp


  1. Prepare a 6″ cake pan with butter and flour.
  2. Sift together, All Purpose Flour, Baking Soda and Baking Powder
  3. Whisk together softened Butter, Cream Cheese and Sugar till light and fluffy.
  4. Mix together Warm Milk and Vanilla Extract
  5. Alternately fold in the flour and milk mixtures into the whipped fats till combined.
  6. Spread it evenly on the pan and bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 42-45 mins. (Time may vary according to different ovens, keep an eye on it)
  7. After about 30-35 minutes, if the top is turning too brown, tint it with an aluminium foil, keep baking till a skewer inserted comes out clean.
  8. Cool it down in the pan for 10 minutes, then invert it on to a wire rack and cool completely before cutting into it.

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