Baking Journal II

Posted On : July 19, 2018 By Smriti

Hey everyone!

Following my first post about baking journal where we discussed various types cakes. If anyone missed out, here’s the link –

This post is about what accompanies a cake-

These are some of the classics listed down. Once you get good solid recipes for each one according to your choice, you can combine, mix and match them to get completely new frostings!
So here we go-

The most basic frosting.
Butter : Icing Sugar- 1:3
The icing sugar to be used in this is 00 (double zero) which is hard to find in India, which is the reason most people find this buttercream to be not so smooth (grainy) in comparison to it’s counterparts.

– Whip butter till it is pale and fluffy.
– Add icing sugar little by little till it is combined.
– Add flavour according to your preference.

This is a meringue based buttercream. Make sure you get pasturised eggs for this frosting. As the egg in this frosting is not cooked.

– Beat egg whites and sugar till it doubles in volume.
– Add soft butter slowly and whip it till it becomes smooth and silky.

This is a meringue based buttercream which is partially cooked with a hot sugar syrup.

– Whip egg whites and sugar till it becomes foamy.
– Take sugar and water in a pot, heat it up to soft boil stage. (118 deg. C)
– Pour over the egg whites and whip to stiff peaks.
– Once it cools, Add butter slowly and whip till fluffy.

Similar to Italian Buttercream, this is made with egg yolks rather than the whites. This is a very rich Buttercream as compared to others.

– Heat sugar and water till soft boil stage
– Whisk Egg yolks till light and fluffy
– Dribble the sugar syrup to egg yolks and beat till light and fluffy
– Cool it down and add butter to it. Beat it well till silky and smooth.

This is a less sweet buttercream and a wonderful substitute of French Buttercream (texture wise), especially for those who cannot eat egg.

– Cook flour with sugar until a thick paste is formed.
– Cool it down and whip it till it is light and smooth.
– Add soft butter to it, bit by bit until it comes together into a nice frosting consistency.

This is a frosting using a certain kind of sour cheese like Cream cheese/ Mascarpone, ricotta, sheep’s cheese etc with butter/ whipping cream and some sugar.

There are 2 kinds-
– Cream Cheese Buttercream
– Cream Cheese Whipped Cream

This is a beautiful flavoured lightly whipped dairy cream.

This is a frosting made by combining chocolate and cream in varying proportions for varying consistencies.

Heat cream. Pour over chocolate. Combine till smooth. Set in the fridge and use.

This is a frosting made by combining heavy whipping dairy cream with chocolate and whipping it once it sets.

You need to use at least 35-40% fat heavy whipping cream to get amazing results of whipped ganache.

Although this frosting is rich, but it still feels light and airy due to the whipping.

10) WHIPPED CREAM (Whip Topping)
This is the most common frosting used in India- the non dairy whipped cream.

The procedure for this is the easiest. You pour the cream in a bowl and whip until soft-stiff peaks. Use.

Now comes various types of fillings-

This is a custard made with milk, cream, egg yolks and vanilla, (also, sometimes starch).
If the custard is made with heavy whipping cream and is set with a setting agent in the Fridge, it can be whipped to soft peaks and that is how CREME PATISIERE is made for filling cakes, donuts and the famous- ECLAIRS.

Caramel is sugar heated to a point where it starts to change colour and lightening it with butter and cream.

The degree of caramel is determined by how far you take (burn) the sugar.
It can vary from-

– Light
Used just as a sauce. Still quite sweet, has colour of a light milk coffee

– Medium
This caramel is the one commercially produced. It is darker than the light caramel, has the slight caramelized bitter notes, but is still sweet.

– Dark
This caramel has a lot of bitter undertones. Is great alongside a sweet frosting like white chocolate ganache or buttercream.

– Bitter
This caramel is bitter. Hence cannot be enjoyed on its own. This is to be mixed along with other frostings and desserts to give them a caramel flavour without making the frosting too sweet.

This is fruit cooked with various proportions of sugar for different consistencies. It is a wonderful way to give a nice fruity flavour to any dessert.

All of the frostings given above can be flavoured by adding fruit sauce/ Jam, Extracts, Spice Powders, melted chocolate etc.

This is a basic know how of frostings and fillings. Now you do your homework and gather recipes for each which work the best for you!
And everyone is here for troubleshooting!

For those who can’t eat eggs, you can always experiment with aquafaba meringue and egg free custards for making Swizz, Italian and french Buttercream as well as Creme Anglaise.

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