Baking Journal I

Posted On : July 19, 2018 By Smriti

Hello again everyone!
#HowToGetStarted #BakingJournalPart1

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to start your baking Journal.
What is a baking journal?
It is a diary/file/compilation of fool proof recipes for each and every kind of bake or dessert you want to make.
But it has to start from the basics.

Trust me, once you have this complete set of basics, you will feel much more confidence in creating new flavours.

With egg/without egg or both-

1. Fat free Vanilla sponge
Since it doesn’t have any fat in it, it is good to go with heavy frostings like buttercream, Whipped ganche etc.
Don’t mess with this recipe. Since it is a very light and airy sponge you can brush with jams/sauces for extra flavour.

2. Butter vanilla cake-
Basic sponge to go with everything.
Add coffee powder/ Instant tea/ nuts or spices to jazz this humble sponge to match the frosting.

3. Pound Cake-
The best Tea time cake. Goes well with little drizzles of sugar icings/ chocolate sauce etc.
Add some nuts/ spices for added flavour.

4. Fatless Chocolate sponge
Best used with buttercream or as a part of a layered dessert.

5. Basic Chocolate Cake
This is a light chocolate sponge mostly flavoured with cocoa powder. Best to use with ganache.

6. Chocolate mud cake
This is a decadent chocolate cake which has both cocoa powder and melted/ chopped chocolate. Best used with light icings. But you can be naughty 😜and use it with ganache to make a death by chocolate.

7. Chocolate Fudge Brownie
This is a decadent chocolate cake which is even denser than a mud cake. It has very few aeration bubbles. Best eaten alone or with add one like ice creams, sauces etc.

8. Chocolate cake brownie
This brownie is lighter than fudge brownie and has more aeration bubbles in comparison. Consider it to be kind of a version of chocolate cake with added chocolate in it.

9. Chocolate gooey brownie
This cake is almost slightly under cooked from the inside which is why it feels moist from the inside.

10. White choc blondie
This is a brownie made with white chocolate. So obviously it is blonde rather than brown in color which is why it is called a blondie. Goes well with fresh fruit or fruit sauces to cut the sweetness.

11. Vanilla sugar biscuits
This is a basic cookie which doesn’t expand in the oven. Good for making cookies with intricate and detailed cookie cutters. Add any spice to it for flavour variations.

12. Vanilla cookies.
Chunky vanilla cookies that spread in the oven. very rustic and delicious. You can put whatever you want it it for flavour variations- Nuts/ Dry fruits/ Spices/ Marshmallows/ caramel etc.

13. Chocolate biscuits.

14. Chocolate cookies
You can do variations to these chunky cookies to make it double or triple chocolate cookies.

15. Vanilla ButterCream

16. Chocolate Buttercream

17. Cream cheese frosting

18. Whipped cream (dairy)

19. Ganache

20. Whipped Ganache

21. Pastry Cream

(Will do a detailed post on frostings and icings in the future)
That’s it folks! If you have these basic recipes in your Journal it is more than enough to start off!

You can keep adding to your journal with more complicated recipes with time to make it larger and more detailed.

Try out a couple recipes for each and see which one gives you the best results. Stick to it and make it permanent.

What I personally follow-
Use it to make hundreds of variations.
Don’t confuse yourselves with a hundred different recipes for the same things.

That doesn’t mean you should never try anything new, but until you get better results from a new recipe, don’t change your basic one.

Do not confuse yourselves with too much information!

Happy baking!

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